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Open Day in Medi-Care Solutions S.r.l.


Thursday, December 6th, Medi-Care Solutions S.r.l. opened its doors to the "Fondazione Marri - S.Umiltà di Faenza" primary school,  classes 5^A e 5^B.

The children had the chance to discover the innovations and the Hi-Tech instruments.

After a tasty snack, they visited the various offices, following the creation process of the product: from the initial idea to the design, from the prototype to the production and marketing.

They also observed, with great attention, the demonstrations that Ing.Paolo Petrelli, Sales Manager Italy - Medical Division, has reserved for them. The video-nystagmoscope, a mask equipped with a camera that transmits images on the video, the wireless Touch-Screen displays that can move the patient examination chairs with a simple touch, and finally have understood the great importance of sterilization and hygiene.

The success of the initiative was witnessed by the numerous questions of the children and their curiosity and amazement in assisting the proposed demonstrations.