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Otocompact Professional EVO

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2 years warranty


ENT Top Range workstation with a state-of-the-art integrated technology and elegant and unique design.

Solid case in steel painted with epoxy powders in color silver grey or white RAL 9003.

Transparent gloss layer for easy cleaning and better protection against external agents (optional).

Such treatment grants a long durability in time and high resistance of the colors to the light.

The case is also mobile on 6 antistatic castors with brakes that help the operator in the floor cleaning and sanification as well as in the easy positioning anywhere in the outpatient room.

Working top in tempered glass. linear surface for an easier disinfection against proliferation of bacteria.

Standard Applications:

Optional Application:


Touch screen display 7''

Color touch screen display 7", on instruments tablet with articulated arm , for instruments control and remote control of the combined treatment chair (if 3-4 motors with radiofrequency predisposition)

Instruments tablet

Instruments tablet housing Suction system, Insufflator with Politzer olives, Ear Washing system and Compressed air system for medicaments (optional)

Head-lamp support

Hang your tools in a comfortable and fast way

Motorized drawers

Electrical Drawers with servo-drive system complete with Inox trays for instruments ( automatic opening and closing system without handles)

UV Germicide compartment

UV germicide compartment activated by touch screen and automatic switch OFF at the drawer's opening

Radiofrequency module WIFI

Radiofrequency module for the control on wireless modality of 3/4 motors chair (if combined).

In-built holders for endoscopes

Integrated Endoscopes Supports (8 tubes: n.2 for flexible endoscopes - clean and dirty / 6 for rigid endoscopes - clean and dirty)

Larynx Mirror warmer

Mirror warmer with time setting by touch screen (10-120 sec)

Pole support for ZEISS® Microscope (optional)

Standard Applications

Kit of stainless steel suction cannulas

Stain Steel suction cannulas

Lateral service compartment

With secretion jar and water tank for washing syringe

Powered suction system

With multi-use suction jar and ear funnel


Integrated LED light HANDLE for direct connection to endoscopes or laryngoscopes and with high performance temperature of 5500° Kelvin/200 Lumen. Automatic activation and brightness intensity adjustment by touch screen.

Adjustment of LED light intensity

Visualization and adjustment of LED light sources intensity by Touch Screen control panel

LED light source with double or triple connection

Integrated Led Light source with triple outlet and n.3 fiber optic cables. Colour temperature of 5.500°K/200 L. Brightness intensity regulation by Touch Screen Control Panel.

Technical details

Power supply tension220/240 V(110/115 VAC)
Frequency50/60 Hz
Absorbed power (MAX maximum configuration)1550 VA
Weight180 Kg
Maximum number of instruments4
Insufflator air flow26 l/m (variation up to 250 Kpa)
Washing stringe capacity350 cc/min (at 2 Bar)
Nominal suction (oil motor)-86 Kpa (-650 mm Hg 50 L/min)
Power supply fusesF1, F2 = 6,3 A T
Fuse external PlugF3 = 4 A T