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The new Vestibular Vibrator ED500 is an essential instrument for the screening of the vestibular function induced by vibrations. The test can be made in a short time (some seconds): it is sufficient to place the vibrator on the mastoid and at the midline of the forehead at the hairline (Fz). Unlike Caloric and Head Shaking (vibration induced) tests at low frequencies (0,01 Hz up to 2 Hz), ED500 Vestibular Vibrator is used to give outcomes at high frequencies (100 Hz).

The Vestibular Vibrator has been conceived for the fast search of Ny . In few seconds it highlights the presence or absence of Ny. The test can be integrated to the usual vestibular research protocols, either with computerized systems (ENG and/or VNG) or with Frenzel goggles. 

ED500 works with high frequency which range goes from 50 Hz to 150 Hz in linear mode, seamlessly. Digital reading of frequency and possibility to memorize the working frequency through keyboard. 

On/off control even by mean of foot-control