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2 years warranty


ED 200 computerized system allows to calculate nasal resistance making both frontal and back active rhinomanometry tests : Active Anterior rhinomanometry (AAR), active posterior rhinomanometry (APR) and Nasal Stimulation Tests (NPT). 

Tests are operable both on adults and on children thanks to the two masks supplied with the device, hypoallergenic, long lasting and easy to disinfect. 

Vanguard electronics and software, developed thanks to medical-scientific cooperation of notable expert doctors consents to offer a modern and efficacious system for the Rhynology practice. 

Rhinopocket ED200 consents to view, to record and to print Time/Flow and Pressure/Time graphics, Sigmoidal graphic of nasal resistances and tables of the main rhinomanometry parameters, calculated with EDM Software, the same used for vestibology practices. 

The examination is performed leaving without modification the physiognomy of the patient’s nose, thanks to the use of “microfoam” tape supplied with ED200. 

Microfoam Surgical Tape - specific for rhinomanometry - excellence sticking to all nostrils and skins - Box of n.6 Micro foam (hypoallergenic) 5 cm x 5 mt. 

In case it will be necessary to perform the Naris Dilatation Test, on request we can supply a dilator (Dan Air®). 

Composed of non-allergic and not-toxic material, the dilator easily fits in the nasal cavity, improving nasal breathing.