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2 years warranty

2/3 Motors



Mya is a professional podiatry chair with soft-looking figure that offers to the patient’s sitting maximum comfort and relaxing effect. Elegant design combined to advanced technology are main features of Mya chair. 

The backrest higher than standard sizes is provided at its top and base with two soft ovals in relief acting as headrest and lumbar cushion.
Mya is provided with 3 motors: one for chair lifting, the second one for the seat inclination, and the third one controls the backrest movement. Combined movement of backrest and seat (up to Trendelenburg position).
The chair’s able to reach a 360° rotation and is characterized by a solid metal structure painted with epossidic powders and the carter coverings are simply the best expression of modern design and engenneering of the podology field.
Please, note the curved construction of mya’s arm-rests wrapped up with two “pillows” (upper and lower) having independent lifting movement
Mya is unique also for its splitted leg-rests. Besides the esthetical style of their trapezoidal and anatomical upholstery the leg-rests are innovative for their stain-less steel structure and their self-braking system that allows the foot-rest movement smoothly back and forth without blocking the mechanic at each movement.
The foot-control (wireless optional) allows to memorize 2 working positions and, moreover, to recall “zero” position (patient exit position).


Wireless foot control

Multifunction wireless foot control with possibility to select 3 working memories + one fixed called "zero" for entrance and exit of the patient.
Possibility to control the electric movement of the chair also from the podiatry unit's touch screen, if provided.

Application of kidney dish

Available in stainless steel or in plastic

Application of stability kit to the base

Application of stability brackets to the floor. Maximum stability is granted

Application of kidney dish

Available in stainless steel or in plastic

Technical details

Feeding tension230 V-50 Hz
Low tension motor24 Vdc
Lifting motor push6000 N
VERSION 3 MOTORS:Backrest motor push6000 N
VERSION 2 MOTORS:Gas-spring back-rest800 N
Seat motor push6000 N
Lifting Capacity200 Kg
Absorbed power120 VA
Chair weight120 Kg
Base lenght750 mm
Maximum legrest height1430 mm