Podoplus Evolution

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2 years warranty



PODOPLUS is a podiatry and chiropody unit, very independent and agile thanks to its rubber pivoting castors. It has a working surface made of scratch-proof rolled sections with raised border and anti-drop incorporated.

Podoplus is serially provided with a twin-cylinder dry compressor, centrifuge suction system and dust collector strainer, distilled water tank or disinfecting liquid for the instruments. The articulated arm supports the instruments table that can house: provision and connector for Faro or Bien Air micro-motor at 40.000 rpm, terminal suction cannula for hand piece model PM 1132 Bien Air, 3-functions syringe (air, water, spray).

It is possible to install (on request) optic fibers, Borden or Midwest provision for turbine and spray to all dynamic instruments. The multi-function foot control operates the unit, it controls the reverse rotation of the micro-motor and the spray to the instruments.

Among the different options available of drawers combinations (to be chosen before the order confirmation), there is the possibility to install the instruments holder drawer with germicide light.


4 Stainless steel trays

External Compressor

Fluorescent Lamp