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Podiatry unit equipped with innovative tablet housing up to 4 instruments each one operated by COMPENSATED ARM, granting a new a more functional working ergonomy. The case is mobile on 4 antistatics castors with brakes that help the operator in floor cleaning as well as in the easy positioning anywhere in the outpatient room. 

Incomparable for elegance and class thanks to the care of details and to the researched harmony between design and innovative materials.

Standard Applications: 

Optional applications: 

Technical specifications

External compressor

Details and accessories

Instrument Tablet

Instrument tablet with compensated arms, where housing up to 4 instruments, according to the selected configuration.

Technical details

Feeding tension115/230 V
Frequency50/60 Hz
Power absorbed (following configuration)650 VA
Weight100 Kg
Maximum number of instruments4
Maximum pressure out air3.5 Bar
Air capacity3,5 l/m
Maximum water pressure2.2 Bar
Fuse FeedingF1,F2 = 6,3A T
24 Vdc fusesF3=5 AT