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Sterix 7.0

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2 years warranty


STERIX 7.0 is a class B autoclave with a 24 lt stainless steel chamber.

The 26 cm chamber diameter allows STERIX  to sterilize more trays with a better instruments distribution.

Equipped with the exclusive ADAPTIVE INTEGRATED HEAT system, with a new steam generator and a powerful Twin Head vacuum pump, the STERIX 7.0 autoclave sterilizes quickly and safely all the surgical instruments wrapped and unpacked (including hollow ones type A and B).

Adaptive Integrated heating

The heating system is the beating heart of every autoclave. A mediocre heating system not only results in poor performance but also generates many technical problems.
The unique AIH (Adaptive Integrated Heating) developed by Medicare Solutions ensures excellent performances, low consumptions and high reliability.
This new heating technology elevates the thermal conductivity of the stainless steel chamber allowing a faster and more precise thermoregulation both during the sterilization cycle and during the drying phase.
The AIH process is not uniform throughout the chamber, but acts in different ways according to the needs of the cycle, eliminating waste and thermal jumps.
This state-of-the-art technology not only allows to preserved for longer all components of the chamber and the heating elements (avoiding unnecessary and damaging overheating), but allows significant energy savings resulting in lower electricity consumption and lower costs.
The properties of this heating system also occur during the drying phase, allowing to obtain a quick drying without overheating the chamber and therefore maintaining the drying temperature within the limits of the sterilization temperature.
The result is not irrelevant especially for the more delicate instruments that, avoiding being exposed to high thermal jumps, can grant a better functionality and durability.

STERIX ... the new state of the art in sterilization.
STERIX autoclaves incorporate many important innovations and the most advanced technologies:
Referring to the heating system STERIX is equipped with the new Adaptive Integrated Heat system, with a new steam generator and with two other useful accessories: the Warm-Up system and the Drying Warm-Vent system
The sterilization chamber is built with an innovative design that elevates safety and durability over time.
The new powerful Twin-Head Vacuum Pump, the special Air-Water separator and finally the Steam cooling system are other important devices which speed up the cycles
The mother board, the microprocessor and all electronics are designed and built with cutting-edge technologies. The unit is equipped with a WI FI connection and with advanced NFC and IoT connections.
Code colors and a large black smooth display make the design very smart the water quality control system, the double drain and the water pump are some of the important features
STERIX ... committed to quality and innovation!

Integrated Steam Generator
The integrated steam generator uses the thermal energy of the sterilization chamber to generate steam.
The generator enable the introduction of instant steam into the chamber in order to speed up the cycle.
The integrated generator operates like a normal steam generator, but does not use a separate power supply.
STERIX ... committed to quality and innovation!

Water Heat-Up System
The water in the clean reservoir is pre-heated and degassed using the thermal energy of the steam during the expulsion phases.
The Water Heat-up system allows to accelerate all cycles following the first one, and at the same time it help to cool the steam before it reaches the separator and the vacuum pump, helping to improve its performances and duration.

Warm-Vent System
The system provide a hot ventilation during the drying phase. Such system helps to improve the drying without overheating the chamber.
This technology eliminates thermal jumps in the most critical phase of the cycle improving surgical instruments durability and operating performances.

Sterilization chamber in stainless steel
The stainless steel chamber is made without welding. The absence of welding guarantees smooth internal surfaces and eliminates the risk of failure.
The design of the chamber is inspired by 3 fundamental principles:
• security
• maximum load capacity
• duration

The innovative design of the chamber , the absence of welding and a strict certified testing system for each chamber ensure the higher safety standards.
The closing system with 4 hinges makes the system much safer than most of the autoclaves that use 3 hinges only.
The opening mechanism is manual, precise and integrated into the bodywork. Unlike the motorized locks, the manual closing allows the door to be unlocked simply even in the event of a blackout.
The electromagnetic block eliminates the risk of accidental opening.
The chamber fixing system is bound by a carbon steel template that replaces the traditional headsets welding. This innovative system ensures a longer life of the chamber.

Maximum capacity
the increased diameter of the chamber (26 cm) allows to accommodate a greater number of trays and cassettes and to sterilize a greater number of instruments.
The amplitude of the chamber also makes it possible to arrange the instruments in a more orderly manner and we know that with the same weight per load, a more ordered distribution of instruments enable a better steam circulation.

Medicare sterilization chambers, correctly used, are guaranteed for life. Durability tests have shown that the sterilization chamber can works without problems for over 100,000 cycles.

High performance -Twin Head Vacuum Pump
Class B autoclaves ensure steam penetration even in hollow instruments (turbines and hand pieces).
The steam penetration into hollow bodies is determined by the unit ability to eliminate air inside the chamber
In order to achieve this result, the autoclave is equipped with a powerful twin-head vacuum pump (44lt / m) which removes the air in a fractionated mode.
STERIX is also equipped with a special vacuum circuit to separate the air from the steam and to prevent the water flows into the vacuum pump. Thanks to this separation circuit the autoclave is quieter, faster and more reliable.

Slow decompression
The decompression phase is regulated to minimize the dispersion of steam in the environment and the same thermal energy generated by the autoclave is reused to heat the water in the clean reservoir.
The slow decompression also helps to reduce the thermal shock within the chamber and this is very important to preserve the duration and efficiency of the delicate surgical instruments that are very sensitive to temperature rapid changes.

Water supply
Sterix autoclaves are equipped with 2 reservoirs of 5.5 lt each (one for clean water and one for waste water). Both reservoirs are accessible and easily cleanable
The autoclave uses only demineralized water. The presence of impurities in the water can cause numerous malfunctions.
To avoid these problems the autoclave has been equipped with an indicator of the water hardness that informs the user when the water is not of good quality.
LED indicators shows the status of the tanks on the display if empty or overfull
Thanks to the Warm Up system, the water in the loading reservoir is preheated This process helps to degas the water and to accelerate the sterilization cycle.

Water pump
The autoclave can also be equipped with a circuit to automatically load the water from an external tank. This function can be extremely useful when access to the tank is quite complicated (for example when the autoclave is inserted in a piece of furniture).
Just press a button to load the water from an external tank.

Automatic discharge
the drain of the recovery water tank can be both frontal and rear.
A quick connection tube is supplied for the front discharge.
The rear drain instead allows a direct and automatic connection without requiring manual operations.

Touch screen display
The large black Plexiglas display is inspired by a minimalist and intuitive design that makes it readable even from faraway
Thanks to the technology used, the display has very long life even at high temperatures.
The smooth surface enable a comfortable and fast cleaning.
RGB light and color code informations
Below the display are RGB LEDs for lighting the loading area and show up through color code the status of the autoclave : sterilizing, drying, ready
The microprocessor has a parallel memory for storing the sterilization cycles which makes the use of USB and flash cards obsolete.

The autoclave is equipped with a Wi-Fi card and can therefore be connected to any device (Tablet PC smart phone etc.). The user can periodically download all cycles history from the microprocessor to one of his devices
The unit status and history are managed and displayed by a web page generated by the unit itself and can be accessed from any browser with a PC, tablet or smart phone.
The same system allows unit's updating and remote technical service at a higher level.
The NFC connection allows managing access to multiple levels of security without the need to enter passwords (which are still active and usable) to enable the use of cycles and functions that require a higher level of security.

Technical details

Chamber capacity18 It
Chamber sizeØ 260 x 365 cm
External DimensionsL 495 x H 545 X D 540 cm
Min Top Depth54 cm
Supply Voltage230V 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption2.300
Next Weight59
Heating SystemAdaptive Integrated Heat + steam generator
Vacuum pumpTween Head 44It/m > 0,97 bar
Reservoirs2 inspectionable 5,5 It tanks
Water Warm-Up & DegasYes
Water quality controlYes
Drain font/rearYes
IOT (Internet of things)Yes
Printer connectionYes
Night cycleYes