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Functionality and high performance in a single machine. Thanks to its silent motor and reduced dimensions, Pro-Finishing grinding machine could be installed also in a private podiatry laboratory; indeed it can be considered as one of the most silent machine in the market. The grindstone is activated trough a foot control that grants the operator the maximum protection against any possible accident. IMPORTANT: in case of sudden interruption of electricity, the grindstone will not re-start functioning automatically. 

This machine allows you to grind the orthesis without any effort and waste of material. The wide inner spaces, indeed, grant an easy finishing work even on big insole. Moreover, Pro-Finishing can also be adjusted in height in order to adapt it to operator’s body.  The spindle is self-blocking and the abrasive band for the finishing can be easily removed, without any effort or tool. Pro-Finishing is characterized also by a new powder suction system : with a minimum powder dispersion, the operator is protected by the harmful fine dust inhalation, that even powerful suction machines are not able to catch. All the working residues are collected and conveyed to a bag, easy to reach from the frontal panel. A distinctive feature is the absence of a suction system that keeps the internal air pressure on the same level as the external one, avoiding airflows from inside and outside with the consequent exit of the powders that are very dangerous for the operator’s health in the long run. Finally, the machine is provided with an antistatic tempered glass with  wide dimension granting a perfect visibility and acts also as a safety screen for the operator. The LED lamp inside helps the operator to  work easily, by a perfect lighting on both sides of the machine. Low energy consumption. 


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