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Steel TS

Elegant podiatry unit which represents the perfect combination between desing, tipically Euroclinic, modern materials and highly professional instruments. Everything is enclosed in this compact unit, perfect for each space.  


Steel TS-X

New podiatry unit's line "TS-X" with the unique feature of the compensated arm on the instrument tablet, granting a new and more functional working ergonomy. 


Steel S

Podiatry Unit on gummed swivel wheels, incomparable for elegance and class thanks to the care of details and to the researched harmony between design and innovative materials.


Compact Wood Version

The new WOOD version of COMPACT unit, one of the most appreciated model, incomparable for elegance and class thanks to the elegant WOOD details and the researched harmony between design and innovative wood parts.


Compact TS-X

Podiatry unit on wheels, with a moden and compact design, allowing an high functionality even in reduced spaces. The constant research of technology innovation as well as the attention to the request of internaltion and national Podiatry market, allows the launch of this new  "X" line units which are equipped with innovative tablet where instruments are operated by ARTICULATED AND SPRING-COMPENSATED ARMS. 


Compact TS

Complete and functional podiatry unit equipped with innovative tablet with color touch screen 4,3''.

Thanks to the maximum freedom for selecting all accessories, the Doctor can have its own "tailor-made" unit, according to specific necessity and requirements.


Compact S

Compact S is characterised by a light and original design. It joins all features of a roll cabinet, but with all the necessary instruments in very reduced dimensions. 



Innovating podiatry cart, with compact and solid structure & reduced dimensions.
Very agile thanks to its design, conceived in accordance with exacting aesthetical principles, CAPRICE is supplied with all basic instruments for the professional podiatrist’s activity.