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Suprema U-500

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2 years warranty



Suprema is a professional chair designed specifically for the gynecology and urology examination in specialized departments or clinics that require medical equipment with highly reliable performance and maximum comfort for both patient and operator. Suprema is available in U500 and G200 version.

Suprema U500: provided with 3 motors and removable pelted single-section legrest, which can be set on the chair to reach the bed position.

The upholstered parts of the chair are composed of high-density and non-deformable foam pelted with bi-elastic, tear resistant, antimicrobial skai, very easy to clean.

More than 40 nuances available.


Different inclinations and positions

Different inclinations and positions to be selected by the operator, with the possibility to reach Trendelenburg position.

Removable single legrest

The presence of a removable single legrest represents the best solution for Urology and for Gynecology, thanks to the combined use of the chair with the colposcope (integrated or as a stand alone equipment).

Solid construction in metal painted

Solid construction in metal painted with epoxy powders and electro-zincate. The presence of armrest as anti-panic handle, removable and adjustable along the side guide (as alternative are available also standard upholstered armrests) and the 4 stainless steel lateral rails (on seat and backrest) grants the maximum reliability.

Multifunction foot control

Multifunction foot control (WIRELESS version optional) for the control of each chair’s movements, provided with 4 memories: 3 positions chosen by the operator and 1 to recall the resting position of the chair (“zero” position).

Paper roll support , optional

Paper roll support placed on the backrest, optional accessory

Metal secretion basin, optional

Metal secretion basin with 2 lt. capacity. Optional accessories
Available also with drainage tube.

Central cushion, optional

Central cushion for filling the empty space between seat and single-legrest. Highly advisable in bed position, for increasing the patient confort.
Available as optional accessory.

Anatomical legrest, optional

Leg rest anatomical and pelted in the same color of the chair upholstery, adjustable in height and inclination. Optional accessory.

Padded footrest, optional

Footrest padded – shaped and adjustable in height and inclination. Optional accessory.

Phlebo bottle rod, optional

Technical details

Power supply tension100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
FusesF1=F2=1,6 AT
Max absorbed power200VA
Class according to IEC 60601-1IB
Sectionable power feeding cableL=3mt
Lifting motor8000N
Backrest motor6000N
Trendelenburg motor6000N
Lifting capacity200 Kg
Chair weight180 Kg
Lifting excursion, Trendelenburg inclination350 mm, 20° +/- 2°