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2 years warranty

3 Motors



FUTURA is a professional podiatry high-quality patient chair, marked by elegance, versatility, innovative design.

This chair is equipped with 3 silent actuators for the independent movement of rising-lowering, back-rest and seat; through a multifunctional pedal that operates independently on each actuator.

It is possible to select 2 positions at a time, memorize and recall them: this chair has 3 memories, of which the above mentioned ones can be posted to customer taste; on the other hand, the third one is fixed (ZERO) and it adjusts patient descent.
The electrically moved back-rest can get the horizontal position and the seat reaches a maximum inclination of more than 20°, allowing the operator to select the Trendelenburg position.
The arm-rests are independent; the leg-rests can be extended and opened until 30° granting to the operator maximum freedom during the normal working activity. 

With its original design, FUTURA is provided with an ergonomic upholstery: it is characterized by prickly but elegant outlines, articulated head-rest (adjustable both vertically and horizontally) pelted in bi-elastic skay, tear resistant and antimicrobial, very easy to clean.


Multifunction wireless foot control with possibility to select 3 working memories + one fixed called "zero" for entrance and exit of the patient.
Possibility to control the electric movement of the chair also from the podiatry unit's touch screen, if provided.

Application of kidney dish

Available in stainless steel or plastic

Technical details

Feeding tension230 V-50 Hz
Low tension motor24 Vdc
Lifting motor push6000 N fast run
Backrest motor push6000 N
Seat motor push6000 N
Lifting Capacity200 Kg
Absorbed power120 V.A.
Chair weight120 Kg
Base leght800 mm
Maximum legrest height1350 mm