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Excellent working instrument for the Podiatry professional activity, granting high performance combined to a smart design. 

Thanks to an experience of more than ten years, to an high stability and maximum ergonomy, Xenon represents the best product both for the patient's confort and for the doctor's activity.



Professional podiatry examination chair equipped with 3 motors, with the unique feature of a completely removable upholstery. 


Suprema P300

Professional chair designed specifically for the PODIATRY examination with high performance and maximum comfort for both operator and patient. Suprema P300 satisfies perfect seat ergonomics thanks to body shaped upholstery, new mechanical construction and electonics.



FUTURA is a professional podiatry high-quality patient chair, marked by elegance, versatility, innovative design. Equipped with 3 silent actuators for the independent movement of rising-lowering, back-rest and seat. 



CONCEPT is a professional podiatry patient chair; it has been conceived to best satisfy the professional’s needs. Versatility, elegance, performance and quality are the features that identify “CONCEPT” chair.



Mya is a professional podiatry chair with soft-looking figure that offers to the patient’s sitting maximum comfort and relaxing effect. Elegant design combined to advanced technology are main features of Mya chair. The chair’s foam at differentiated density is covered up with precious quality skay defining original shapes and profiles.



Podiatry chair that stands out for its soft and sinuous upholstery and for the unmistakable carter style, that is very original and engaging. Operated by a silent motor for the lifting movement, it represents one of the most suitable device for a comfortable but performant podiatry activity. 


Podopeg/E - Podopeg

Podopeg is a podiatry and chiropody patient chair designed in cooperation with 5 professional consultants. It represents one of the best choice for a basic model but with great performances.